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Call of Duty: Seasonal Progression Vanguard Not Working? Here’s How to Solve the Problems

Do you have trouble completing seasonal progression? Do you need to unlock new items and weapons? Are you frustrated because you can’t progress fast enough to reach Tier 100? If so, this guide will help you resolve these issues. Follow the steps below to solve the problems with the seasonal progression vanguard. Getting your first AMP63 (BOCW) unlock challenge is now possible. You can also unlock the Whitley weapon and KG M40.

Fixed issue with seasonal progression vanguard

seasonal progression vanguard not working

COD: Vanguard players are reporting that Season 3 challenges no longer track. This prevents them from finishing their progress, and irks those who are actively grinding. Fortunately, Sledgehammer has addressed the problem in an upcoming patch. To get started, the patch notes include fixes for packet burst and camo challenge tracking. This will improve the overall quality of gameplay. The patch notes also fix various UI issues related to Challenges.

Sledgehammer also fixed an issue with the prestige system that caused some players to receive a higher amount of reputation for completing objectives. Some players were not able to view their prestige, while others were unable to access the scoreboard after failing to Exfil. Another problem that affected players’ progress was the inability to view the Scoreboard after dying or viewing Armor Health in the HUD. In addition, some Objectives would not launch, which prevented them from advancing.

Fixed issue with AMP63 (BOCW) unlock challenge

This week, COD: Vanguard players are facing several issues with the game, including inaccurate progress counters and a bug where Atomic Camo is not unlocking after achieving Diamond rank on all weapons. In addition, players are experiencing low XP or even no XP when using the Survivalist Camo. Raven Software has acknowledged these issues and is working on a solution. Meanwhile, COD: Mobile players are reporting lag when firing weapons. Lastly, COD: Warzone players have reported that Champions of Caldera stats do not track, a bug that Raven Software acknowledges but has not yet fixed.

The issue was first discovered in Season Six of Black Ops: Warzone. It was later found that the AMP63 (BOCW) unlock challenge was not working properly. However, Activision has since fixed the issue. In the meantime, players can now unlock AMP63 (BOCW) as a reward for successfully completing Season One objectives. In addition to this fix, Season One of Vanguard will also offer players the opportunity to earn prestige keys at a rate of 50 Season Levels. This will be the first season where players can unlock Vanguard content even without completing Season Six.

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Fixed issue with KG M40

The KG M40 is an advanced fully automatic weapon. It is the weapon of choice for Anna Drake. It is now available in the Battle Pass. The SMG is also slated to drop during this season. The KG M40 is a powerful weapon that rivals Vanguard Assault Rifles. The reworked M40 has a more powerful range and has better damage output.

Operator hands should be in the correct position when holding a Spinebuster Blueprint. This weapon’s animation has been enhanced. The Arrival of Luck Weapon Charm now displays the correct animation for its model. The “Toxic Run” Operator Skin will no longer appear multiple times in the Customization menu. Fixed an issue where the Sturmkrieger would miss a headshot if multiple players were backing away at the same time. Fixed an issue with the Vanguard’s weapon unlock progression.

Fixed issue with Whitley weapon

A major new patch has addressed an issue that has been plaguing Call of Duty: Vanguard players for months. The game’s update focuses on the multiplayer aspect and includes a variety of weapon balancing tweaks. In particular, the March 31 update addressed a major issue that affected the Whitley’s effectiveness. Players had been complaining about the weapon’s ability to kill opponents with two shots. This was the result of a bug, and the Whitley was nerfed in order to address the problem. The new patch addresses this problem, and fixes a number of bugs.

This patch also resolves an issue that caused the Whitley weapon to fail to work in the seasonal progression of the game. The game is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Players should also be able to pick up the game on any of the consoles and enjoy it with the new features and gameplay. The patch’s release comes a day before the start of Season 2.